TIL: auto-input yes/no/anything to command prompts

Have you ever been running a script or command, and just want to easily pass “yes” to all prompts? It turns out there’s a simple command for that: yes. Piping yes to a script will provide every script prompt with a y response. In fact, yes can take a single argument, allowing us to customizeContinue reading “TIL: auto-input yes/no/anything to command prompts”

How Facebook is killing [insert creative income here], and why I give money to Amanda Palmer

It’s a depressing day when people yearn for the old days of website traffic driving ad income, yet… here we are. This article rings true in so many ways – not just for comedy, but any independent creation hoping to leverage the internet for compensation. http://splitsider.com/2018/02/how-facebook-is-killing-comedy/ On a positive note, I did not come acrossContinue reading “How Facebook is killing [insert creative income here], and why I give money to Amanda Palmer”

Installing Xdebug on macOS High Sierra

With a new work computer (my four-year anniversary gift from Automattic – come work with us!), I’ve been lazy lately, falling into old error_log() habits since I didn’t have Xdebug set up yet. I also upgraded to High Sierra yesterday, so I thought this would be as good a time as ever to get Xdebug goingContinue reading “Installing Xdebug on macOS High Sierra”

Create React App and MVPs

create-react-app is a great little tool by Facebook that allows the creation of React apps with a single command. It’s extremely simple and very effective: in just one week of work, the authors removed a huge boat anchor to React productivity, being the initial setup of a diverse and ever-changing pile of development tools. I also love howContinue reading “Create React App and MVPs”

A tale of two developers

At WordCamp Montreal 2014, I gave a talk on fears. In it, I told of a story from the Drupal community, that compares two approaches of open-source contribution: collaborative and isolated. I was unable to find it at the time to properly credit it, but my coworker Kathryn Presner just happened to mention it today: it’sContinue reading “A tale of two developers”

Sebastian Markbåge: Minimal API Surface Area

This talk is a detailed explanation of why I spend my time learning core WordPress rather than frameworks – even though I’ve never fully understood why myself. It also explains why Underscores has been so hugely successful, and why I’m finally managing to learn JavaScript by working with React (and having a great time doing it). Highly recommended.

Theming in the Future

This past Thursday, I gave a talk to the Vancouver WordPress Developer Meetup called “Theming in the Future”. We covered the joys and challenges of working with the coming core REST API and the React UI library, all in the context of an Underscores-based starter theme called Tango. The talk took the form of mostly discussion,Continue reading “Theming in the Future”

Let’s Tango

The past few months, I’ve been playing with Facebook’s React UI library and the coming REST API, and having a blast considering new possibilities in WordPress theming. I recently started building up a starter theme called Tango, which attempts to bring everything we love and expect from Underscores, into a React-based and API-driven environment. Ultimately, I’d like it to become a sortContinue reading “Let’s Tango”