Email forwarding on

The wait is over. I have cried tears of joy.

This past Monday, Automattic announced a new feature: email forwarding for your custom domain on It is no longer necessary to manage a separate email solution for your domains on; forwarding can be set up from Store → Domains within your dashboard. If you already have another solution set up, just remove its DNS records to enable the native feature.

This removes the last frustrating roadblock to having an web presence. So go start that blog, or build that new site for your business, knowing that email for your domain will be as simple as everything else on Hurray!

A new look for

My website has a new home, here on

I’m a big fan of NASA and their liberal use policy for images; in looking at their collection from the Jet Propulsion Lab, I came across The Rose, and decided to base the look on that image. All featured images are also by NASA.

The theme is the Profile premium theme from Organic Themes. The Custom Design upgrade let me change the fonts and basic colors, as well as add custom CSS for the finishing touches and details.

Let the dogfooding begin!