Programmers don’t need to be “smart”

I recently overheard someone say that to be a programmer, “you have to be smart”. Putting aside the debate of what it means to “be smart”, I can say with absolute confidence, that this is not the case. A good programmer/developer/webby person will typically flourish with four traits (of which “smart” is not one).

  • an interest in languages or math
  • enjoys problem-solving
  • learns well on their own
  • works well on their own

While these are the four traits that have allowed me to earn a rewarding living as a developer, I’d say 1, 3, and 4 are even optional depending on your work environment.

The best programmers I know are the best because of personalities and traits that match well with the industry, not anything related to IQ. And like most work, human skills are the top of the requirements list to be successful and get things done.

Jetpack and accounts

With the new features in Jetpack 2.0, it’s more important than ever to keep straight your accounts – particularly if you’re developing sites for clients that will be using Jetpack. I won’t pretend to understand all of the details yet, but some quick research and perusing of the sparse, user-centric Jetpack site led me to the following.
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What, Why, How

I’m thinking the #WordPress Codex and Theme Review guidelines would benefit from a “what, why, how” approach to documentation:

  • What: describes the function or requirement
  • Why: why is it this way? Best practice, performance, security concerns?
  • How: a simple and clear code example of how to use or implement what is being discussed