Counting down the time

The Tail End is a popular post on Wait But Why, the charming and eclectic long-form “content website” written by Tim Urban. The post provides a unique view on the time we have left in various contexts, from the number of times we’ll enjoy pizza to the precious hours remaining with aging family. Since reading it years ago, it’s stuck with me – and resonates with many of us that are more and more aware of the vanishing time we have left with those of whom we care the most.

Filip Hráček has created a Flutter Web app called the Human Life Counter, that allows us to enter some morbid-feeling time expectations and see a visual representation of our own remaining weeks. It’s the sort of thing you wish Future You had gone back in time and showed to Past You That Felt Invincible And Immortal (along with explaining the value of savings). 😬

Kirk’s remaining weeks if he ever wants to retire.

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Kirk Wight

I am a Code Wrangler at Automattic, helping make the best it can be. Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada is where I call home. Lover, not a fighter.

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