Life is hard enough

To live one’s life is hard enough. Why write down all the misery? It would resemble nothing more than the inventory of a torture chamber.

— Franz Liszt, on why he didn’t keep a diary

From the book Daily Rituals, by Mason Currey

Published by

Kirk Wight

I am a Code Wrangler at Automattic, helping make the best it can be. Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada is where I call home. Lover, not a fighter.

One thought on “Life is hard enough”

  1. Sooooo true! I used to have a diary and keep looking at it with dust and am so scared that if i open it, my brain will explode! Actually, i have two diaries; before puberty and after puberty. Guess which one i am scared to open?! Anyways, just a way to keep in touch with the photographer and album recorder i used to know way back in montreal! Remember me?! Marjorie from mikrob! You took pictures of me for a job interview with the band Hole?! thank god they never called! Anyways still a lawyer with two boys, 10 and 7! I see you are doing well ! I really don’t understand any of your blogs except the liszt being after chopin one of my biggest fan 😉
    If you ever go to mtl, gimme a sign!

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